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My make-up favorites


I want to show you my make-up favorites. Most of these products I use everyday and absolutly love them. First we have a light foundation/colored face cream called Complextion Rescue from Bare Minerals (1. I use color vanila) which I absolutly love! It is like a face cream with color which keep face moist and glowy! My skin is very dry so I prefer foundations that are like moistorisers. This probably do not suit people that have oily skin.

Then we have bronzer palette from Maybelline (2.) This palette contains three bronzers and one illuminator. What I like about products from Maybelline is that they are very pigmented and have a low price. Also because you have three bronzers, you can choose which one suits you best or mix them as you like. I use this palette for contouring.

Then I use finishing powder. I have two that I really like. The first one is from Bare Minerals which is very shimmery and really really pretty! (3.) The other one I like is from Bobbi Brown and is tinted/bronzed and is perfect for days when you want more color (4.)

After the foundation is done I use some highlighter. I use a golden one from Maybellines bronzing palette or a more pink one that comes from Dior (5.)

Time for some blush! The pink one from Bobbi Brown is so pigmented, I just need to touch the brush and that is what it takes! Love it! (6.) For days that I want a more peachy look I go for the one from Bare Minerals (7.)

The eye primer from Urban Decay is the best product if you want your eyeshadow to stay in place and make colors more vibrant. It really makes a huge differance! I also havea very oily lid, so when I use this product the eyelid becomes matte and the eyeshadows become really easy to work with (8.)

Maybelline once again, here the eyeshadow palette The Nudes. These eyeshadows are very pretty. There is 12 of them, and you get a mix of both matte and shimmery. Very pigmented (9.)

The best mascara I tried comes from Lancome. It never dries or gets lumpy. It is just perfect and does a great job! (10.)

Now we come to lipsticks. I like nude colors. I have a dark nude, almost plum colored that I use when going for dinners from Shiseido (11.) Then one from Bare Minerals that is really creamy! (12.) and one from Make-up Store.

Hope you liked it! 🙂 This post contains adlinks from Adviral.

Eyeshadows from Maybelline and eyeprimer from Urban Decay
Blush from Bobbi Brown, mascara from Lancome, finishing powder from Bare Minerals
Highlighter from Dior


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