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Trying out vegan candy and vegan eggs…!


The best deserts and candy are the ones that you make yourself. However sometimes it is just easier to buy. So today I am going to do a vegan candy test to see what kind of candy vegans can buy in a store. All stuff I have bought comes from Goodstore/Delivore in Stockholm.

Ichoc milk chocolate and white chocolate. To be honest I haven’t found good vegan chocolate yet and I am still looking. What I expect of chocolate it is to be creamy, soft and melting in your mouth. All chocolate bars I have tried yet are hard and kind of tasteless. The same is with Ichoc, so no thumbs up from me 👎 Sorry…

Beauty sweeties Sour Cat are sour candies in shape of a cat, manufactured in Germany. And here is the verdict: they are DELICIOUS. Super nice candy that tastes a lot of fruit. They are also super soft but also chewy. They contain 25 % fruit juice. Big thumbs up from me! 👍 NOTE: almost all vegan candy that is gelatin free contains a lot of glucose syrup  and sugar. Both of these are quite bad for you. So do not over eat this type of candy. 

Milk chocolate rice cakes from Bonvita. The ingredients in these rice cakes are all organic, which is great! Half of the ingredients are fair trade! These cakes are also perfect as small snack cause you can eat one and be satisfied and they do not weigh that much. However they do not taste that much, which is quite unfortunate. I was looking forward to more taste actually. 👎

Strawberry Mallows from Freedom Confectionery. Ok, these taste like normal marshmallows. However they are egg, dairy, gluten, gelatin, soy, GMO and nut free. They contain no artificial colors and are completely vegan. Perfect for cakes and deserts. Thumbs up! 👍


Coconut Butter Scotch Sauce from Nature’s Charm. Perfect in deserts, ice cream and cakes! It tastes actually very good! It is made out of coconut cream. Big thumbs up! I just tried it out on biscuits and it was soooo good! 👍👍


Sweet potato chips from Trafo. I love sweet potatoes! They normally taste delicious as mushed sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries and slices on the grill. However I am super disappointed in these Sweet potato chips! They taste like dry bitter carrot pieces. So big thumbs down. 👎

Karamell desert sauce from BioVegan. This caramel sauce does not taste good to be honest. It is waaaay to sweet and have a weird flavor. It is thumbs down for me… 👎


Vegan eggs from Follow your heart. This is soy powder that you whisk in cold water and can use as scrambled eggs, in deserts, pancakes etc. Benefits of this is that you can use this powder whenever, and it is durable for a long time. I made pancakes with this powder and they turned out good! The powder however doesn’t smell good, kind of like a rotten egg. The smell does disappear when baking/frying etc. So this product has passed the test! 👍

Kuhbonbon vegan caramel candy. They are sooo good! Tastes even better than regular caramel fudge candy. So I am super pleased. They are kind of nutty and full in flavor. So kind of dangerous because you can eat a lot of them 😂 Big thumbs up! 👍

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