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Travelling and some thoughts


From time to time I love to go on adventures and explore the world. However I have this kind of naive thoughs that I want to explore the world like Indiana Jones and see untouched grounds where there are no people. The thing is there are not many places like that left where you get thins kind of feeling. Last year I was in Malaysia and Indonesia. I was so disapointed on how dirty and full of garbage it was. There were also so many people. I wanted to see a beautiful jungle and nice beaches. In reality there was not that much of a jungle left and as mentioned it was full of garbage. They didn’t even have trash disposals. I do not understand how indonesians and malaysians allow that because in the end those countries will get bad reputation and tourist will not go there. It is really sad that it is that way. All people around the world should take care of their envoirment and animals that live there. So all I wanted to say is, we all have responibilities towards our planet. So if you can, travel by public transport, throw garbage into disposals, use a grocery bag made of fabric, recycle as much as you can, try to eat less meat etc. If we do that, then maybe we will enjoy our planet and the nature that surrounds us more.


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