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In november I was almost a month in Namibia, southern Africa. It was a trip I wanted to do in a long time! Africa is a place I wanted to visit all my life, but the idea of going to Namibia was born about a year ago. This country is BIG! Almost twice the size of Sweden. However there is only about 2 milion people living there. Therefore we could drive for many hours and not see any people! One of the things I love about this country is that because there are not that many people living there, there is a lot of space for animals and nature! I could not see any garbage! That is the opposite of how I experienced Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) a year before.

Before the trip me and my bf, we searched the internet for places to visit in Namiba. After that we planned a route in a GPS program called Basecamp. You can basically use a regular map, but pro with this program is that you can see how long time it gets to get from A to B. After we made a route, then we rented a 4×4 car. So all trip we planned and did ourselves. Namibia is one of the safest countires in Africa so it was a good country to visit by on our own.

The best part of the trip was to see all the animals! We saw lion, leopard, giraffe, gnu, rhinos, hippos, elephants, buffalos, sealions, pelicans and many more! This country is so big that the landscape shifts from desert to safari, to mountains to forrest. I can really recommend everybody to go there 🙂 See pictures we took below.



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