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My latest hair products


I am quite excited for my new hairproducts! I bought a schampoo and conditioner from one of my favorite eco friendly brands 100% Pure. I haven’t tried this volumizing products yet, so I am excited!

I have lately had quite bad, frizzy and super dry hair. I have dyed it so many times that it has become very fragile. Normally I choose eco friendly products but now I need real superproducts to fix this mess. So I have made an exception and googled what products Kim K uses. Her hairdresser is Chris Appelton, he also fixes hair for J.Lo and Ariana Grande. He recommends Wow color dream coat that makes the hair super shiny and sleek. He says that this product locks in moisture. So I am very excited about this! He also recommends Redken glow dry oil, that also moisturises the hair. I can’t wait to see if this works. I would love my hair to look like this:




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